Premier Scaffold Solutions Opens New Manufacturing Facility

Columbus OH - January 2, 2017

To ring in the New Year with style, Premier Scaffold Solutions is happy to announce the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Somerset, Ohio. Located at 7070 S.R. 13 in Perry County, this new centrally located factory will greatly increase delivery productivity throughout the United States to all of their dealers and customers. This facility is producing ProSeries, the EPU and the MPU lines of Mast Climbers at a record pace and they are looking forward to another banner year of production.

"We are very excited to open our new state of the art facility here in Somerset and continue our tradition of made-in-the-USA for all of our mast climbing products," said Tony Valentine, owner of Premier Scaffold Solutions. "Our continued hard work and dedication to the mast climbing construction industry will be on display here with this new facility as a shining example to all that ‘built in the United States’ means quality and we will continue to exceed all other Mast Climbers in its class."

The ProSeries, the EPU and the MPU provide a variety of mast climbing options for multiple construction industry uses. By utilizing over 25 years of experience from their sister company, TNT Equipment, Premier Scaffold Solutions has implemented extensive research and added unique improvements to every line of mast climbers that they manufacture. Premier will continue to manufacture the best product by listening to feedback from dealers and customers who have worked with their products, and by closely analyzing the mast climbers through rigorous testing and adhering to the strictest safety protocols. Premier Scaffold Solutions’ complete line of mast climbers makes it easier to replace aging competitor’s models that may still be in use in the marketplace. With Premier’s modular design and adaptor bridges being compatible with other mast climbers in the field, current mast climber owners can upgrade or replace their unsafe or out of date inventory with confidence. Industry-tested and proven for durability and longevity, the galvanization of all Premier Scaffold Solutions products guarantees that they set the standard of excellence for the best long-term mast climbing investment.