Premier Scaffold Solutions

The Made in USA ProSeries is a collection of improvements driven by customer feedback and 25 years of experience from Premier's sister company, TNT Equipment. Premier improved on a solid design in 2009 by listening to customer feedback and closely analyzing the mast climber through rigorous testing. The ProSeries Mast climber makes it easier to replace aging mast climbers, because of its modular bridging being compatible with other mast climbers on the market.

OurĀ Features

The ProSeries work platforms may be used in a freestanding configuration or in a "tied" mast configuration. The maximum free standing height is 35 ft. In the tied mast configuration, stiff arms are installed between the tower mast and the building structure every 20ft. In this configuration, the maximum tower height is 250 ft. nominal. The allowable uniform load for the Pro Series is 20,000 lbs.